Puppy Kindergarten - Group Classes

For puppies who are between 2-4 ½ months of age

Puppies must have received their second round of puppy shots.


What does positive reinforcement mean to you?

Treats, praise and luring your dog into desirable body positions. As dogs are rewarded for behavior, it will become the behavior that is likely to be repeated.

No pushing or pulling allowed.




Start your puppy off on the right track. Much of how a dog behaves as an adult is due to the experiences that he had growing up as a pup. At such a young age puppies can be taught that many things such as noise, screaming, and people that look funny due to hats, big coats, etc. are acceptable and even positive. The main goal of this puppy kindergarten is to socialize, socialize, socialize these puppies to adults, children, dogs and many other situations. We want your puppy to grow up and become a well-adjusted and confident dog.


Class length: 6 weeks


Cost: $210



Equipment needed: Buckle collar & Cloth or leather leash, toys/treats for your dog                      (No choker collars or Flexi leads)

Commands covered:








Walking on a leash




Leave It (Off Command)


Out (Drop It command)

Solutions for

"Problem Behaviors"




Crate training




Nipping/Play biting




Learning to enjoy being alone

Other important topics


Greeting strangers


Puppy Handling(making handling and grooming easier for you, the groomer and the vet)


Learning to accept restraint


Establishment of the human-canine bond

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