Puppy Head Start Program

In this busy world we may not always have the time and skills to give our puppy the very best training possible. Our head start program is designed to do just that. Let us socialize and train your puppy for you and then teach you how to maintain these behaviors. Everyone benefits.


$2500 for the 3 week program.



Suggested items to prepare for your dog’s stay away from home


1.Secure collar and leash (if snap collar is being used then an additional Martingale Collar is suggested as a back up collar to prevent any unsnapping of a faulty collar)

2.- Enough food for your pet for the duration of your trip (and just to be safe pack enough food for a few extra days)

3.- Any toys or treats that your pet loves!

4.- Any medication that may be necessary for your pet

5.- Any bedding that makes your dog comfortable

6.- A towel or T-shirt that smells like you

7.- Vaccine records –Bordatella vaccine must be current within the past six months

8.- Completed and signed service contract

9.- Credit card as well as permission slip to keep on file in case of emergencies

10.- Please notify your veterinarian that you are leaving town and that you are leaving your pet in our care

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